We welcome every bride who would like to visit Your Wedding Shop-Wedding Dress Outlet with open arms.

Firstly we would like to advise that you set aside at least couple of hours for your visit to YWS. You can always phone us to see how busy we are prior to traveling.
We welcome walk in and browsing at any time, but we may not be able to offer you a fitting without a booking.


or CALL US on 01214487055


Q: Can I pop in to retry my purchased gown?

Please book a retry appointment to retry your gown.

If you turn up un-annonced to retry your gown, you may be asked to rebook and return if we are busy or the gown has been stored at our external storage.
Please give us a few days notice should be given should you wish to retry your gown.

Q: Are all your gowns available at discounted prices?

A: We estimate 80% of our gowns may be discounted at any one time, but who knows, it may be your dream dress that is. 

Q: Personal Hygiene

A: A rather delicate subject...but as we sell our new dresses off the peg, personal hygiene is a huge consideration, an offer of a fitting may be withdrawn if this is a problem, and our beautifull dresses are at risk.
We need comfortable environment for both staff & brides alike is of the upmost priority.

Q.: Im planning on loosing weight before my wedding

A: As we are always busy & every bride is important to us. Time is always of the essence so please visit when you are at or almost at your goal weight. Please do not use our valuable time trying dresses on to encourage you to lose weight.
You may look around.....even spend the day with us but you maybe refused a full fitting if you are looking to loose more than a stone......dresses can however been taken down 2-3 dress sizes.
Once you've lost your weight you will choose completely different styles as you may be more confident about your new figure.
Our dresses range from size 8 to 30.....we love making every bride look & feel amazing, feeling confident about yourself will make your journey easier.

Q: How far in advance before my wedding do I need to find my dress?

A: We suggest that you have a good look around before you come to see us, especially if you are not getting married for a year. This helps you make a decision more easily if you do see something you love in our store. Most of our dresses don’t hang around for long and once they are gone, they are gone!  If you do require alterations to your dress, we do recommend that you allow 4 – 6 weeks before your wedding for your first fitting appointment with a seamstress after you have purchased your dress, but we have arranged these in less than 4 days.

Q: Are children welcome

A: We are happy to welcome well behaved quiet children, although the experience is better for every bride should you be able to just concentrate on yourself....go on be selfish you deserve it!.....we want every bride to have an amazing experience this is pretty hard to do, & very frustrating for all concerned should there be a baby crying in the background demanding thier mothers attention ....whether it's your child or someone else's.

Q: Is this the right time to buy

A: As 80% of our stock are '1 off gowns' please do not be offended if we ask before the fitting "if you find your dream dress today, are you in a position to put a £250.00 deposit down?"....as we have over 800 designer gowns the consultant will work exceptionally hard with you to help find your dream dress......our consultant take their job very seriously so please come to us for a fitting, when your serious about finding your dream dress.
Stock changes all the time so please do not expect a full fitting if your wedding is more than 2 years away, or have no set date or venue booked.......dresses will have been updated significantly within this time period and you would not be giving yourself the best options and may change your mind nearer the date as 'you've done the fun part too early'.

Q: Why are plus size gowns more expensive

A: We are always building our plus size lines from 18-30......please be aware, and not offended when the price structure is very slightly higher...larger dresses need more material, more crystals....and better construction.
For us it's not about the size, but the shape our dresses will give you and the confidence that will be the result of these carefully picked gowns.

Q: Can i exchange my gown if i change my mind?

A: If we have ordered your gown you will not be able to change it.
If it is 'off the peg' this will be at the discretion of management....this will only be considered if the gown is still on our premises, and there is a charge, currently set at 125.00 for this service, this includes returning to try on other gowns to see if your origional choice was the right choice. This service is only available on Thursday and Friday.

Q: Can we buy accessories if we have brought our dress elsewhere

A: We offer an accessory only service where you can bring your gown in and try our amazing range of bridal sashes, tiaras and veils.
(Your gown is your responsibility no liability will be accepted on behalf of Your wedding Shop, whilst on our premises)

Q: Can i just pop in to brouse

A: Everyone is welcome to just have a look around....please feel free to view our products, prices, soak up the atmosphere and chat to our friendly staff to find out more about the services we offer, before committing to an appointment registered by our 'walk in service'

Q: How do I prepare for the appointment?

A: The appointment should be the fun bit of finding THE ONE. You may have already browsed through magazines to see which styles you like. You’re very welcome to bring these with you for your appointment so that we can see if there is anything similar in our range.

Q: How do I get the best out of the appointment?

A: Come with an open mind, and be honest with us! Every dress looks different when it is tried on. Unless you already know what style suits you, be prepared to try different styles – that way you’ll know when you try on the perfect dress. Eliminating styles is just as important as finding the styles you like in the search for your perfect dress.  Speak to us! – we will not pressure you in any way, tell us what you like and don't like, we can help you select dresses. If you have a budget in mind, please tell us.  There is no need to be embarrassed.  In most cases we will be able to suggest alternatives that will fit with your budget. 

Q: Who should I bring with me to the appointment?

A: We recommend 3 guests, whose opinion you really trust and who will be honest! We don’t recommend a large crowd as sometimes a range of opinions can be overwhelming for a bride to be.  Everyone will have a different opinion of what you should wear for your wedding day and that more commonly that reflects their own tastes! 

Q: What underwear should I wear?

A: It is best to wear a strapless bra on the day of the appointment because this won’t interfere with the shape of any of the dresses.

Q: Do you have a catalogue of your dresses available for me to look at before I visit the store?

A: No. Because new designs arrive weekly, and our stock changes so fast,  a catalogue or pictures for our website would become outdated very quickly. 

Q: What if the dress requires some alterations?

A: We have INDEPENDENT bridal seamstresses in the local area. They undertake the alterations in their own work studio, which is where you will have your fitting. They are great value and we continue to check that their rates are competitive on your behalf. When you purchase your bridal gown we will provide you with their details and you can arrange for an appointment with your chosen seamstress at your convenience. Of course you must do your own due diligence as to whether you use their services.

Q: I am getting married abroad, what should I consider?

A: Hot climates can make some dresses more uncomfortable than others. A light fabric can make all the difference to the comfort factor for your big day. We have a range of dresses in store particularly suitable for weddings abroad. Most of these are made from a light chiffon fabric which is also easier to transport and less prone to creasing. These dresses come with very small trains, or without. Any dress can have the train removed by a seamstress if you prefer.

Q: Can we pay a deposit for a dress?

A: Yes of course, along with our payment plans.  We do not reserve these dresses for anyone, which is why we suggest you visit the store only when you are in a position to buy. 

Q: How often do you get new stock in store?

A: We always add new stock alerts on our Facebook page, as we get lots of designers offering us new dresses and only wanting to take the best, we never quite know when the next lot of wedding dresses will arrive. So keep checking back on our facebook page for new arrivals.

Q: Do you sell bridesmaid dresses?

A: No, we specialize in Wedding dresses only. 

Q: What sizes of dresses do you stock?

A: We mainly stock sizes 8 – 34 

Q: How much do alterations cost?

A: It really depends on the extent of the work involved.  Changes can range from a simple length adjustment, taking a dress in, to a complete re-style of a neckline or the addition or removal of sleeves.